Difference between tough & broken hearts

Difference between tough & broken hearts

A couple years ago when I started thinking about starting a nonprofit I was talking to a woman who had one for people whose families had gone through loss.  Her last advice to me was to “toughen my heart” because it would be rough.  How those words have echoed in mind and how my heart has cried back “No”! My heart breaks every time I hear about a loss.  Gods does too.  It says in the word that Jesus was moved to compassion, He was a man of sorrows… He was a man who wept.  It is a powerful thing when our heart breaks for what breaks His.  When we mourn with those who mourn… when we care for the least of these.  Our power is not in our strength, but in our weakness when we rely on Him. 

I left a meeting with some ministry leaders the other day and the enemy whispered to me that I was pathetic.  I naturally agreed since that is the easiest voice to listen to when we are down.  It’s the voice that makes us a victim and not a victor… it’s the voice that slowly isolates us and causes us to cower.

I believe Satan causes those deepest places of pain, loss, loneliness and sorrow to make us feel shame.  He makes us hide our mourning and put in the mask of “happiness” so we can survive another day.  All along when we really just need some one to see us, help us, hug us, pray with us.

God promises He will bring us joy, hope, peace, that he will lift the burdens and take off the things that entangle us.  God promises He will wipe every tear from our eyes.  God promises us that He came to give life and life more abundantly.  He is the hope for the hopeless.  He came for the broken, so we can seek Him and find joy.  He came to bring us comfort so that we can also comfort those who are suffering.

So I ask you- what breaks your heart?

Who are you bringing comfort today?

Are you isolated and trying to do things on your own?

How can I pray for you?

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