Joy in the Mourning® is about finding hope after tragedy, finding solace in the storm.  If you are feeling alone, and absolutely nothing in your life feels “normal” at all, it is a place to find community and to begin the process of moving through your grief toward healing of your heart and finding joy again. If you landed on this page, it might be that you have just experienced the worst loss of your life.  Joy in the Mourning® is a place to be held and to weep…a place just to be. But just like the sun comes out after the rain and rises fresh each morning after the dark night, we hope this place will herald the dawn of new, more joy-filled days ahead for you as you learn how to discover joy even while you are mourning.

We believe that God wants to give us life…life more abundantly than we have ever experienced. Even if you already know this, it can easily be forgotten when your pain is so deep.  You are not alone. Others have been where you are and want to help you move forward, not ever forgetting the ones you love, or losing the love you have for them, but rather learning to embrace a life without them where you can still find and experience joy.  Joy isn’t always smiling faces. Sometimes it is just a peace felt so deeply that you are finally able to believe that you will get through this, and you can breathe again. God has a hope, a plan, and a future just for you, even through your grief. Let us help you find it. Now…take in a deep breath…hold it…and exhale! 

Joy in the Mourning® was originally founded in 1996 by a nurse named Linda Gill in South Carolina when God gave her a dream to provide help and comfort for those who experienced grief and tragedy. You can read more of her story, and also how Linda and Ashley met on the “About Us” page, along with information about how to contact her.  


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