About Joy in the Mourning®


“Joy in the Mourning”®

“…for weeping may endure through the long night of sorrow, but joy will return in the mourning.”          –Adapted from Psalm 30:5

Joy in the Mourning® began in 1996 when God put a dream in the heart of a critical care nurse who cared deeply for critically-ill, injured, or dying patients and their families. The dream was to start a faith-based center for grief recovery that would help grieving people mourn in healthy ways and return to the joy of living, regardless of their faith or lack of it…or their ability to pay for services.

In 2002, the Joy in the Mourning® Center for Life Losses incorporated as a nonprofit organization. With the help of an incredible Volunteer Board who worked tirelessly to govern the organization and provide services, the Center operated for 15 years on a shoestring budget and provided grief counseling, community education, support groups, and grief-recovery programs at low cost or no cost to anyone who needed these services. The Center closed March 31, 2017 after having helped several thousand people.

Though the Joy in the Mourning® Center has closed, the dream to help grieving people continues. This website is here to help you. If you are grieving, the information you find here can help you locate support groups, grief recovery programs, and reading materials for specific kinds of loss.

I am the nurse who was given the dream, and I am smiling because I am praying for each of you…that God will show you that you are not alone in your grief, that He is not playing some kind of cosmic game with you, and that healing your broken heart is possible.

If you are interested in reading my story and how the losses in my own life led to Joy in the Mourning®, click on this link to download the chapter I wrote for the book The Transforming Power of StoryJoy in the Mourning – Returning to Joy

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