A 30 Day Planner and Guide to Bereavement C.A.R.E.
This book provides practical and spiritual support for a friend who is helping their friend or family member facing loss. In a post Covid, and social media saturated world this book gives applicable ideas and etiquette in ways to care for those in grief. Help be their community and learn how to C.A.R.E. for someone in a moment’s notice of loss.
Utilize this planner to bring healing in devastation.

This tool helps you, as the friend, know what to say and do in the first 30 days following a loss.

Get your copy to and learn how to be a great friend and advocate during this time.

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About the Box:
The box is a resource and tool for individuals and community groups to have the information they need from the moment of loss forward.  Included will be our 30 day planner, prayer mugs, stationary, a pen and the box can be used as a temporary urn. 
We are taking pre-orders for Tucson area now.  

We will give away a box to every box sold at $74.99.

We are taking orders for out of Tucson for 50 or more boxes (special pricing available for ministries).


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