Memorials and Gravestones

Today, two of the women I have an honor of walking in this journey with, this subject came up. 

Here’s the thing- no one wants to do them.  No one thought they would be in the place they would have to do one.

What color?

What font?

What should it say?

And the list goes on…

Every detail is agony and a stab to the heart.

You may have already buried your loved one and now months later you are faced with more choices and decisions you don’t want to make.

So how can you help someone in this place?

Call them!!!

Ask about any loose ends they may need help with.

Do the research for them (I mean, we all have google, right?)

Don’t make suggestions, make solutions. 

You’d be surprised how a little bit of research, care and constant communication will go to help them heal.



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