Losing a Loved one During Covid

When I was widowed at 19, the first person I had a true connection with was my grandfather.  He had lost his wife 2 weeks before.  It was honestly the one and only times in my life I had a connection with him.  I don’t remember everything about our conversations at that time, but I remember the understanding deep down we felt of losing a spouse and the long embrace we shared.  He had lost his life partner, who he had 8 children with, who he traveled the world with and she was always by his side.  He knew, and I knew our connection in grief.  He has lived a little over 15 years since that day and this morning left this world to be with Jesus. 

In most cases, as a family, we would rush to each other’s sides.  We would all congregate at a house and cry, tell of the good times, talk about the hard moments and embrace each other.  We would connect in our grief… But not today.  Today we stay in our homes.  Today we mourn separately.  Today we pray in solace, make phone calls, texts, post and think, what’s next?   I believe in the beauty of heaven, and I know that my grandfather, though he only saw a dim reflection as a mirror, has now seen his Creator face to face, he was known in part, but now is known fully and fully knows our Father.        

This is dedicated to my family and all others who have lost loved ones during this quarantine.  May God give you comfort, peace, and love.

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